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HealthySteps Kambu(Pearl)Millet Noodles 195Grm


Pearl Millet Noodles(175g) – No maida, No preservatives , No MSG. All our noodles are air dried.

Pearl millet is a versatile ingredient that can be used to replace rice , quinoa , oats and other grains. Pearl millet noodles is a wholesome meal with all the goodness of nature. Suitable for all ages.

Wheat Flour, Pearl Millet Flour, Salt.

Seasoning Mix :
Salt, Sugar, Spices (Clove, Coriander, Cumin, Cinnamon, Ginger), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder & Tomato Powder.

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Pearl Millet (kambu) noodles is a wholesome meal. Pearl millet is also called as kambu in Tamil , sajje in Telugu , sajjalu in Kannada, bajra in Hindi and kambam in Malayalam.

What are Millets

Millets are cereal grains which are cultivated and consumed widely in India . Recently , millets have gained popularity in Western countries due to its gluten free nature and high protein , fiber and anti oxidant contents. Millets have wide range of varieties , among which Pearl millet is one of them.

Benefits of Pearl millet in diet

Pearl millet (Bajra) are nutritious , non glutinous and are not acid forming ,thus making them very easy to digest. So it is suitable for all ages. Pearl Millet has been grown in India since prehistoric time. this millet is a “high energy” cereal that has

Proteins and fat
Rich in vit B&A
High in calcium, iron and zinc
Also has potassium.
Some of the health benefits are:

Aid weight loss
High in fiber
Helps manage diabetes
Low glycemic index (GI)
Supports healthy hair, skin and nails
Ways to eat Bajra / Kambu

Pearl millet a versatile ingredient can be used to replace rice, quinoa, oats and other grains. It is commonly ground into a fine flour that can be used to make roti and other flat breads.

ready to eat Pearl millet (kambu) noodles , from millet flour. Our aim is to bring back our traditional food practices in this modern era. What are we passing to our next generation ? This thought led us to the making of Pearl Millet Noodles .

Being a mom , we will be more concerned in every meal of our kids. We ensure our kids gets all the nutrition required for their muscle and brain health .

Preparation method :
Fry Onions, Capsicum, Carrot, Cabbage and other desired vegetables in a little amount of oil and add Healthysteps taste maker to it and mix thoroughly. Add 600 ml of water to the vegetable mixture and allow it to boil. Add noodles to the boiled mixture and stir occasionally till it is completely cooked and serve hot.


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