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Dhaaniyam Samai Millet Noodles 200grm


Little Millet Noodles (175g)- No maida, No preservatives , No MSG.

Little Millet is a small grain , low in carbohydrates and rich in iron content . Cooks faster than rice making it a perfer substitute for rice

Wheat Flour, Little Millet Flour, Salt.

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Benefits of Little Millet in Diet

Any recipe that demands rice can be cooked with little millet. It has smallest grains so it can be cooked faster.

Some of the attributes that make it a special  are:

  • Low Carbohydrate content
  • Slows down glucose absorption
  • Have high amount of dietary fiber
  • Releases sugar slowly into blood
  • More Iron content
  • Improves Immune defence system

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